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About Us

Kiltropo is an animation producer whose aim is generating content for a public interested in complex stories with a more adult speech. We would like to seize the opportunity to offer animated stories with much more human principals who are real and imperfect. Regardless of the world they are living in, they will not comply with their hero role on it. Thus, this allows to explore much grayer narrative decisions in the principals, varying nuances and perspectives of their actions.

Director, Animator, Scripter

Art Director, Producer, Designer



Kiltropo especially considers the narration of their projects and their art, making the most of the animation flexibility to find new ways of contributing to the tone of the story in an attractive way.


Here in Kiltropo we enjoy learning and collaborating with the medium. Therefore, we also offer advertising and supporting services to other producers with animated projects that are in pre-production or production stages, by means of connecting to different artists.